Gathering Together: 

How to be safe and empowered in the times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Part 3

reaching hands w dropshadow


My Beloved Friends,

I invite you to join me in a shared space of love and togetherness, of brotherhood and sisterhood.

In addition to a short healing meditation and discussion of how to make the most of these unprecedented times, we touched on the following topics:

What does it mean to navigate these extraordinary times in a grounded and practical, empowered and inspired way?

How do we meet the challenge of uncertainty with the most authentic kind of joy and aliveness?

How can we stay centered in our personal power in this moment?

How can we best serve those we love?

How can we avoid falling into the collective atmosphere of fear and trepidation, and still be extraordinarily functional and streetwise and practical and optimally safe in these times?

And in the midst of social isolation, how can we still come together and effectively collaborate to achieved shared purpose in compelling ways?

How can we open ourselves to discovering the deeper meaning of all this, and thus make the most of this time of rapid evolution from a place of grounded wisdom, individually and collectively?

Please feel free to share these recordings with others whom you care about and wish to support in this moment… The recordings are free, and all are welcome!!

Sharmada Foundation is offering this as a service to our world community at this time. Click below to access the recordings.

With Love… Patrick