How to be safe and empowered in the times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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PART 1: Live Session held on 14th March, 2020:

This session involved a live clearing of the energy system from fear, anxiety and tension associated with this world pandemic. Together, we discussed:

What you can do to stay safe,
To be most empowered and inspired,
And to optimally serve your brothers and sisters
In the current world of fear and misperception!

This session provided PRACTICAL guidelines and methods and tools to stay safe and empowered, and to help others optimally, during these times… not merely a meditation to release fear… we spoke in super grounded and practical terms, including offering practical suggestions, methods and tools to boost your own immune system at this time, and to navigate this moment in the world process in the wisest way and from the most self-empowered and intelligent place possible within yourself.


Please see below at the bottom of the page for recordings of the mantras Patrick referred to in this session.




PART 2: Live session held on 21st March, 2020:

Throughout history, times of great challenge pull out the greatness in the human spirit.

These are special times, perhaps a unique inflection point in our world process. What does it mean to call out the greatness within ourselves through all this?

How can we be grounded and exceptionally functional and wise in these times of crisis and uncertainty? What can we do to be safe and most empowered, and how can we be most in service to our fellow beings?

What are our lessons in this moment, individually and collectively? What can we do to be grounded and inspired agents of pure positive energy, rather than merely ungrounded disciples of fear and doom?

What is the most appropriate and caring way to step into our joy and creativity and aliveness in these times of fear and trepidation?

In addition to a healing meditation, this session offered some guidance of what you can do to further boost your immune system, a dedicated time to clear any fears you are processing, and a space for questions.

This is a time to gather and be together online in love, brotherhood and sisterhood. This is a time, in particular, when human beings have enormous capacity to emotionally and spiritually nourish each other. This is vital to our individual and collective wellbeing. It is oxygen to the heart and the soul, and frees our creative aliveness in ways that empower us optimally to get through such times, stronger and more together than ever.




PART 3: Live Session held on 28th March, 2020:

In addition to a short healing meditation and discussion of how to make the most of these unprecedented times, we touched on the following topics:

What does it mean to navigate these extraordinary times in a grounded and practical, empowered and inspired way?

How do we meet the challenge of uncertainty with the most authentic kind of joy and aliveness?

How can we stay centered in our personal power in this moment?

How can we best serve those we love?

How can we avoid falling into the collective atmosphere of fear and trepidation, and still be extraordinarily functional and streetwise and practical and optimally safe in these times?

And in the midst of social isolation, how can we still come together and effectively collaborate to achieved shared purpose in compelling ways?

How can we open ourselves to discovering the deeper meaning of all this, and thus make the most of this time of rapid evolution from a place of grounded wisdom, individually and collectively?



Part 4: Live Session held on 4th April, 2020:

In Part 4 of our Coronavirus Series, we did a short meditation to stay centered and grounded and empowered amid the growing atmosphere of fear and trepidation. And we addressed the following:

How can we find optimism and meaning and a greater purpose in these times of crisis?

How can we navigate in the most wise and practical manner through these moments of great change?  And what does it really mean to be in service at this time?

In the same way that times of great challenge can call out our greatness and our genius in new and unprecedented ways, what does it mean to create an empowering and beautiful future together in the midst of so much uncertainty, which is an altogether higher aspiration than simply hoping to return to the old normal?  

What do we want to leave behind forever in our old ways of organising human life and society? And what new soul lessons and personal learning can we harvest through this time that can open the way to an even better and more fulfilling life, individually and collectively?  

What can we give our focus and energy to that will sustain us optimally in the times ahead? What is our optimal compass bearing to get through all this most powerfully?

How can we embrace profound change in Love, Brave Joy, Fearless Faith, and togetherness?

And what does it mean to resist the pull of scarcity consciousness, and to live in real Abundance at this time, for oneself and others?



Part 5: Live Session held on 11th April, 2020:

In Part 5 of this series, in addition to a short meditation to release fear and limitation, we spoke about the following:

What does it mean to be healthy and happy in challenging times?

How to be most empowered through these circumstances of greater uncertainty than ever?

How can we best serve our fellow beings in these times?

How can we find the highest purpose and meaning – individually and collectively – in this moment?


Below please find a short audio recording Patrick made of the breathing technique referenced in session (bhastrika), followed by the audio and video recordings of the complete session:



Part 6: Live Session held on 18th April, 2020:

During these times of profound change and global crisis, it is more important than ever that we find the way to be grounded and centered in our wisdom, and aligned to the Creativity and Grace and Inspiration and Intelligence of Source. Together we can create a new world, in a way that we cannot do by ourselves. In Part 6, in addition to a healing meditation, we addressed the following topics:


What does it really mean to be grounded in self-empowerment and inspiration during these poignant times?


How to manage the uncertainty we all feel, with greater mastery and in the spirit of Abundance and Brave Joy?


What does it mean to live with True Abundance in these times?


How can we optimally serve our fellow beings at this moment in the world process?


How can we be most aligned to the power of Grace?



Part 7: Live Session held on 25th April, 2020:

In Part 7 of this series, in addition to a short meditation, we spoke about the following:

How can we ensure, individually and collectively, that we do not simply return to “the old normal” as things evolve in the weeks ahead?

What are the lessons we can harvest, individually and collectively, from this extraordinary time?

How can we look to the future, individually and collectively, in confidence and hope and abundance?

What is possible for us, individually and collectively, at this extraordinary moment in history?

How can we, individually and collectively, tap into this immense possibility, and live in our highest purpose, NOW?



PART 8: Live Session held on 9th May, 2020:

In Part 8 of this series, following a short guided meditation – designed to heal and clear whatever is holding us back from living in our most wise and authentic self – we had live dialogue and Q&A focused on the following topics:

During these uncertain times, when so much is changing in the world process, how do we navigate from abundance and self-empowerment?

How can we use this moment to set our life upon its highest possible course?

What does it mean to be deeply purposeful and true to ourselves in times of great change?



PART 9: Live Session held on 16th May, 2020:

In Part 9 of this series, we stood together in conversation and in meditation, at this deep and powerful time in the world process. The main topic was money and abundance.

In addition to a short meditation and conversation to explore this deep topic, and to heal our relationship to money and abundance, we addressed the following questions:

What is True Abundance?

What is your relationship to money and abundance?

How can we rapidly upgrade our alignment with True Abundance, release anxiety and become empowered around money, especially in these times of profound change and uncertainty?


Please see below at the bottom of the page for a recording of the mantra Patrick referred to in this session.



PART 10: Live Session held on 23rd May, 2020:

In Part 10 of this series, we stood together in conversation and in meditation, at this deep and powerful time in the world process. We continued with the deep theme of last week, which was the subject of Living from True Abundance in times of uncertainty and change.

What is True Abundance?
What does it mean to live from True Abundance?
What does it mean to release our subconscious resistances True Abundance?
How can we work with the energy of money to prosper and thrive and optimally serve others in these extraordinary times?

There was considerable time for individual questions.



PART 11: Live Session held on 30th May, 2020:

In Part 11 of this series, in addition to a short meditation, there was a conversation and time for questions.

We continued our theme of living from True Abundance… and in particular, the ways to awaken and stand in the Fire and Grace of Self-Love.

All healing, all abundance, all potential to live our life’s highest purpose in the most exalted and Divinely guided way, all inspiration, all potential to have uplifting and successful relationships, as well as the path of our soul evolution itself, and all immunity for our body, depends on Self-Love.

This means meticulously releasing the inner obstacles to Self-Love.



PART 12: Live Session held on 6th June, 2020:

These are very extraordinary times, and there has never been greater opportunity, nor greater importance for navigating with wisdom, discernment, love and self-love, individually and collectively.

In Part 12 of this series, we spoke about how we can optimally manage our life process and our energy and our deepest sense of purpose through these poignant moments, to remain buoyant, hopeful, inspired and centered in the highest integrity.



PART 13: Live Session held on 27th June, 2020:

There have been many attempts to get people to collaborate around specific issues. There have been many attempts to get people to collaborate to bring foundational change within the current system. There has never been a process to re-imagine and create a parallel system, which is simultaneously soaked in a fully grounded guardianship of Consciousness and Love.

I invite you to stand together to be part of this guardianship. In this session, we addressed the following:

How can we be optimally empowered during these challenging times, and how can we direct our life energy and awaken our gifts to live in our highest purpose, and to be of the greatest possible service to our fellow beings? 





The mantras Patrick spoke about in Parts 1 and 9 are offered here below to listen to. They are also here as jpeg files that you may print or save by clicking on the images below.

FROM PART 1 on March 14, 2020:



Om Tryambakam for email




Chaumundaye Mantra from Patrick



FROM PART 9 on May 16, 2020:


Mahalakshmi Mantra