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About Patrick Connor

Early Life and Education

Patrick Connor was born and brought up in London, England. His earliest years were grounded in a very deep connection to the Universal Intelligence and the Light of Spirit, and there was a very clear sense of the basis of Reality itself being Universal Love, which excluded nothing and no-one. Furthermore, from the very beginning of his life, he was aware of having come with a very specific and burning purpose, though at that time the details of that had not revealed themselves, and so it was not obvious precisely where to direct that intense inner fire in his Heart.

As a young boy obsessed with football (soccer), he dreamed of captaining England to winning the World Cup.  Sadly, this did not pan out. Nevertheless, he captained football teams throughout his life at boarding school and university; and the grit, fierceness and forbearance of the warrior spirit honed in the heat of battle on the sports field became an irreplaceable foundation for his life journey.

He was educated at Eton and received his Bachelor of Arts at Durham University. He then obtained a Master of Philosophy degree from Cambridge University.  As a young businessman and entrepreneur, he traveled widely, lived in different countries, and learned several languages. From the very beginning, there was the feeling of the whole world being his home, and the human family being his next of kin.

Business Life and Entrepreneurship

He co-founded a technology business and worked on complex global projects as the internet was exploding in the late 1990s. He spent three years traveling around the world to grow the company internationally, establishing it as the pioneer in its field, and speaking at leading conferences on emerging technologies and paradigms.

As a thought leader and entrepreneur moving in the world among other leaders and innovators, he was naturally drawn together with those at the frontier of the global process, who shared the same revolutionary spirit, and the same passion for the pivotal questions pertaining to the future of society, the future of human culture, the future of business and leadership, and the future of the Earth itself.

Life Purpose and Training

Patrick Connor 81 with dropshadow

The burning desire to use his life in service brought with it urgent questions: What does it mean to really use a human lifetime most powerfully?  What have the most evolved beings of all cultures and all ages known or awakened or understood within themselves?  What has been essential to their capacity to break free of all limitations?  And finally, what are the evolutionary obstacles that absolutely must be overcome to comprehensively open the gates of human potential?

With the same unstoppable intensity of focus that had driven all his prior pursuits, he set out to get real and comprehensive answers.

He explored in great depth the frontiers of cellular biology, quantum physics, the healing traditions of humanity, health, diet and the physical body, multiple branches of psychology, alternative medicine and related therapies. He experimented with a wide range of eastern and western modalities and made a deep study of the world’s wisdom traditions. He traveled extensively, including to India, and developed a very deep grounding in the underlying principles of this inner path of Self-Mastery. Again and again he extracted what was timeless and universally useful, leaving behind all dogma.  

In the midst of a global culture that values ever greater specialisation of knowledge, he brought together and synthesised fragments of wisdom and insight from across very diverse fields of human knowledge – some ancient, some cutting edge – that could support a truly comprehensive, integrated and grounded process of transformation. 

During the early years, he came into close contact with many great (and mostly unknown) masters, teachers, saints and sages, from whom he received wisdom, guidance, blessing and direction. In more recent years, his long-held quest for the most complete and integrated development culminated in a direct meeting and a close collaboration with the advanced adepts (Siddhas) of South India. This set in motion a profound, years-long process of initiation which brought together the many distinct threads of his whole evolutionary journey up to that point, and activated his capacity to facilitate others in a more comprehensive and nuanced way than ever before.

Mission of Education and Facilitation

During these years, his work with others has focused on providing meticulous guidance around the two central factors that most bear on a person’s capacity to evolve and to realize their potential:

1. Facilitating others to connect their life force directly with the Power of Existence, in the manner that suits them best, in order to open the gates of universal wisdom within them; 


2. Facilitating them to see deeply and intuitively into their own subconscious conditioning, and to release it comprehensively, across all levels of being, in the most direct and inspirational way possible.

Patrick Connor 38 with dropshadow

For nearly two decades, he has led seminars and workshops across the globe.  He has worked closely with CEOs and Presidents of large corporations, philanthropists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, non-profit visionaries, high level political leaders – from the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia – and those ready to transform themselves into sources of innovation and inspiration for the world around them.  He has advised non-profit organisations (humanitarian foundations), educational institutions (universities), and led seminars for YPO (Young Presidents Organisation).

His single purpose has been to bring the universal wisdom (and all the benefits it confers: radiant health, joy, abundance, aliveness, and great purpose) within the immediate and direct experience of those who want to live truly great and inspired lives. The goal has been to completely integrate, and thus eliminate the gap, between the mystical and the practical – between the highest understanding of life, and the cutting edge of leadership in today’s world. 

His life is dedicated to the liberation of the human spirit, to the enlightened leadership of global society, and to the wise stewardship of the Earth.

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Sharmadã Foundation Mission Statement

Originally founded in 2010 and renamed in 2016, Sharmadã Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to be a vehicle for the dissemination of the Wisdom, Love, Grace and Inspiration of the Divine for the highest benefit and wellbeing of humanity.

Sharmadã is one of the ancient and sacred names of the Divine Mother, and can been translated as “She who bestows Eternal Happiness” (in the sense of Infinite Bliss, Joy and Inspiration), reflecting the essence of our humanitarian work.

This mission is secular in orientation, and is aimed at the relief of suffering for people of every creed, age, nationality and background, with no discrimination whatsoever. The Foundation aims to serve society as a whole, to help people transcend division and limitation of all kinds, and eventually to become whole, balanced, fully integrated and free. It helps people to become aligned with the Universal Consciousness, and so develop their gifts to their highest capacity for the greatest good of all.

Educational, charitable and philanthropic in nature, the Foundation aims to illuminate every aspect of the human journey with a global understanding via the Light of timeless wisdom and Love. It supports the journey of self-transformation and the path of complete development in all those who are ready, and presents the highest understanding of life – ‘Mukta Jnana,’ the Supreme Truth, the essence of all wisdom and all pathways to Liberation down the ages – in simple and clear modern language, free from the fetters of dogma and traditional culture, for the upliftment and inspiration of all. All activities of the Foundation support the fullest realization of one’s own Self in complete resonance with the Supreme Being.

In making the eternal teachings meaningful, practical and compelling to the people of modern times and the challenges of modern society, the Foundation supports the very highest aspiration of man – the eternal quest for happiness, Freedom and Peace, including the realization of one’s unlimited potential, and the chance to make the most of life’s adventure.