“There are literally no limits to what
The Awakened Intelligence
Can experience, achieve or become.

If you think the path of Mastering Life is
Hard, selfish, impractical or expensive,
Try ignorance.

Be bold and fearless,
For Life is meant to be Magic.

There is nothing more selfless or inspirational
Than the courage to resolve all fear,
And to free your Consciousness from all limitation.”


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My Dear Friends,


If you chase validation and what the world calls ‘success’,
You will necessarily live somebody else’s life,
In service to ideals and values not your own;
You will wander in the shadows without even knowing it,
And your spirit will never be free.

If instead, you wholeheartedly take charge of your Life Energy,
And you make your evolution your highest priority,
Inspiration will be your faithful companion,
You will succeed at whatever you touch,
And the path of your highest Purpose will be revealed to you.

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 If you dream that relationship will make you safe
From fear, insecurity and aloneness,
You will be disappointed,
And real fulfillment will always elude you.

For the scope, depth and courage
Of your relationship with another,
Depends to a great degree upon
The scope, depth and courage
Of your relationship with yourself.

Knowing this, first resolve to free your heart
From blame, judgment, neediness and fear,
And as you do, all your relationships
Will flourish and bring you Joy.
Your very Presence will become a blessing to others,
And you will uplift all who know you.

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Money and Work

If you make money the primary goal of your work,
Imagining this to be practical, necessary or responsible,
You may accumulate it in great quantities,
But you will not be inspired or free,
And your work will bring forth little lasting benefit.

If you free your heart from the clinging to money,
And resolve the blocks to unconditional love,
Money and respect will chase after you all by themselves.
Your work will become a dharma and a song,
And the boundaries between work and play will dissolve.

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 If in the slumber of your heart,
You recite the unspoken mantra of the masses –
“More, more, more…” –
You may indeed acquire more.

Clinging to whatever you have,
You block the flow out,
And so you block the flow in.
Your tight fist of lack will be the noose
That quietly strangles your own Heart
And you will never have enough.

If you lovingly train your Heart
In the secret Law of Generosity,
You will learn to care deeply
For your universal family.

Knowing you always have enough,
You will give freely and with natural abandon;
Refining this Art, your coffers will overflow,
And your Joy will know no end.

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If ambition remains your compass,
You may acquire status, money and power,
And you will build a life on the fragile foundation of
External validation, in the service of fear.

If instead you live to grow and to serve,
You will anyway be greatly respected,
While your inner Self-Respect will make you immune
To the changing opinions of others.

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If you compete with others,
You may even become the best at what you do,
And still the ever-shifting sands of ‘pecking order’ and status
Will close in on you from all sides, and never let you rest.

If instead you pitch yourself towards your own potential,
You enter a fathomless realm of unstoppable Inspiration
In which there is no competition at all,
And your song will live forever.

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You may hold the position of teacher, leader, or guide,
And, until you give yourself without compromise
To the ideal of Truth and Higher Consciousness,
And you embrace your own Hero’s Journey
Through the forest of illusion,
You cannot serve the highest good of others.

If you see those who have been placed in your care, as ‘mine’,
And you make of your responsibility a validation of yourself,
You will hold them back,
And in so doing, you will hold yourself back.

Only when you allow your life to be lived
By and in service to the Supreme Intelligence,
Whatever it takes, and wherever it leads you,
Will you be able to lead them anywhere worth going.

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If you sell your soul for the recognition and respect of others,
You may indeed achieve it,
But you will always be a beggar,
And as you get older,
Sooner or later,
You will be replaced.

If, on the other hand, you ascend the mountain of Self-Mastery,
You are certain to be successful in this world,
Without sacrificing impeccable Integrity.
When your Self-Respect comes from within,
It can never be lost.

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You may be a dedicated parent,
And until you walk on the path of Self-Mastery,
You will surely transmit your hidden fears and prejudices
To your children.
Clinging to them unconsciously,
You will always remain an outsider in their world.

On the other hand, as you climb the way of Light,
Every step, however small, becomes an offering to them,
Whether you know it or not.
In your every move of facing fear and releasing judgment,
They will be lifted by the quiet valor of your Heart,
And you will become a beacon for them on the road of life.

What is more, to your surprise, you will come to trust them
In the precise measure of your courage to be true to your Self.
From here, simply by the Grace of your Presence,
They will have the confidence to awaken their own gifts,
And to tread more firmly upon their own path.

This is the subtle law.

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If you identify with this body,
Your unexamined judgments and unfulfilled dreams
Will quietly wear you down as you age,
And your health will seem to be a matter of chance.

If you ascend the mountain of Self-Mastery,
You will continually be healing from the inside.
You will live more and more from the eternal Spirit within,
And you will feel younger and more alive as you age.

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If you measure your life by your place in the world,
You will fear growing old,
As you will dread no longer being
Attractive, powerful or relevant.

As you give your life to Love, Beauty, Truth and Contribution,
You will shine ever more brightly as the years go on,
And your wisdom and radiance will be a refuge
For people of all ages until the day you die.

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If you achieve the dreams of your youth,
But you are not aligned with your own Source,
Your successes will not free you from fear,
And will not benefit anyone very much,
Not even yourself.

Along the road of Self-Mastery,
You will have new and wondrous Dreams,
And the same Inspiration which gave you these Dreams,
Will also accomplish them.
This we call ‘Magic’.
This is fulfilling your Purpose.

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Rhetoric and grand philosophy
Are just a few clicks away, and demand little from us.
Real change, on the other hand,
Is the golden elixir of all the hard won victories
Over falsity and fear within oneself.
Only those who can reform themselves,
Can truly reform the world around them.

If you are not blazing this trail inside yourself,
Words of wisdom will be mere adornments without life in them –
Spiritual persona, dogma, superstition,
Superiority, social image and propaganda –
All ‘sound and fury’ with no power to move the hearts of men.

By contrast, the Silent Truth-force is irresistible
Precisely because it seeks not to persuade or to change.
It yearns neither to be better nor to be right.
It pulls on the Heart by the blazing fire of Inspiration and Universal Love.

The courage to face yourself
With patience, persistence and compassion,
In the face of all that seeks to hide, to run and to deflect,
Shines as a quiet, unmistakable glow from within.

It is the frequency of the Soul,
The radiance of Integrity and Beauty.
Change happens all around it.
It is unstoppable.

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Growing Up

If your mind is eager and trusting,
While your Heart is not yet wise,
You may be lured into seeking justice and freedom outside of yourself,
Among those who seem to be ‘in authority’, or ‘in power’.
Waiting for change, your hopes will be repeatedly dashed.
And if you are not vigilant,
You may become despondent, angry, fearful or numb
In the face of what remains unchanged.

Eventually, a day will come when you grow tired
Of war, cynicism and polarized thinking.
Finally, you will drop the burden of waiting,
And lay down the tribally-sanctioned poisons
Of judgment and hatred.
At last in all earnest
You will take up the pathless path
That leads to the center of your Heart.

On this track lit by invisible Lamps
And carved for you by unseen Hands,
You will have the chance to become
The Love, Peace and Freedom
That you had earlier searched for in vain,
And which no-one else can ever grant you.
Your Heart will become a Lighthouse for the world.

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If you seek to know,
The library of the world’s wisdom
May fill the shelves of your mind,
And it will never be enough.

Accumulating and comparing yourself to others,
Being important and knowing best,
Fear and confusion will refuse to leave you,
And you will never rest.

If you seek simply to live the Truth and to Love,
You will stumble gradually and happily
Into the Temple of Wonder and Awe,
Where the hallways are paved in Beauty and lit by Joy.

Here there are no words and no knowledge,
No wise and no ignorant persons;
Only the One Heart of the Supreme Intelligence
Dancing and embracing all in Herself.

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Universal Law

The Universe is a dynamic Intelligence.
It is governed not by mechanical formulae,
But by the Laws of Love.

The Supreme Intelligence
Cannot be measured, nor Its responses predicted,
Any more than the Supreme Love of the Mother
Can be reduced to equations.
Only the surrendered Heart of Love
Can possibly grasp the Laws of Love.
How could it ever be otherwise?

The mind is like a sharp knife.
It is forever dissecting and measuring the parts,
And so it can never see the Whole.
Only the Heart which does not divide
Can perceive the Great Truth.

If Science limits its domain of enquiry
To what it terms the “physical” world,
It becomes the servant of superstition, not Truth.

If the discipline of Science
Has understanding as its ultimate goal,
Then the Heart must be its final frontier.

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Good and Bad

While your mind still believes
In good and bad,
There will be turbulence, self-judgment and pain.
Swinging on the pendulum
Of clinging and aversion,
You will not see clearly,
And you will always feel unsafe.

What you see as “bad”,
You will hold in place in your life,
By your own projection,
Without even knowing it.

It is like blaming the ocean for the leaks in your boat.

Giving up your capacity to see “bad”,
The leaks in your boat will seal up
All by themselves,
And you will float without strain or fear
On the sacred and benevolent Ocean of Life.

Here is the Wisdom of
Innocence, Faith, Gratitude and Surrender.
We may call it, simply, Joy…
Unshakeable Abundance.

For this is the deep Truth:
The Laws of Love
Supersede all other laws.

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Gain and Loss

While your heart is keeping accounts
Of gain and loss,
Your wings will not grow to their fullest,
And your spirit will not fly free.

Where there is no sense of possessing,
There will be no sense of losing.

Embracing everything,
Everything will be felt to be in its right place.
This is living from the Mystery.

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While ‘survival’ remains
Your most cherished value,
Your treasured idol and your god,
You will never thrive.

Whatever your status,
You will live a timid and anxious life
Of shunning risk and skirting danger.
Restless as prey,
You will take each step in self-protection.
This will choke your Life Force,
Limit your options, and narrow your horizons.
You will die a little every day.

You may even become
A Pillar of the Establishment this way,
And still you will remain a refugee
In the unseen recesses of your Heart.

One day, when the price of conformity and fear
Is no longer acceptable to you,
Either from desperation or inspiration, or both,
You will turn around and take a closer look,
And you will face the Great Impostor head on.

Embracing death, you call the mind’s bluff,
And you will see in your Heart
That Life is eternal, death is unreal,
And survival only imagined.

The doorway of death
Will reveal itself
As the gateway to Life,
And the portal of Eternity.
Who would have known it?

Every time you embrace the Impostor
Another piece of the veil will fall,
Leaving you dumb in Love and Wonder.
Knowing you can see through all fear,
You will be forever changed,
And boundless skies will open up before you.

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Life Mastery

Until we learn the inner secrets of Self-Mastery,
We will have little influence over the course of our Destiny,
And we will continue to believe in good and bad luck.

Ascending the ‘Sacred Mountain’,
Everything becomes possible through us.

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No Limits

These are turbulent times of tremendous change in the world.
But certain things are timeless, and never change.

In ten thousand years from now,
The landscape of world culture will certainly look different;
Civilizations may have crumbled.
And still, the principles of Inner Self-Mastery will remain the same.

Every area of your life depends upon this inner training.
How far up the ‘Sacred Mountain’ you are prepared to go,
Is entirely up to you.

To see things clearly is not spiritual,
And it is not mundane.
It is beyond all of that.

You need no prior knowledge or background.
There are no secrets to be sold,
No necessary dress code or postures,
And no new beliefs to take on faith.
It doesn’t matter if you are a scientist,
An honest skeptic or a lover of God.
To one who sincerely wants the Truth,
It cannot remain hidden for long.

Know this for sure: there are no limits for you,
Except the ones you settle for.

From the Hallway of Eternity,
A Life of No Impossibles beckons you Home.

With eyes to see,
All is Sacred, Beautiful and Good.
You are loved beyond measure and you cannot fail,
Your life is a gift, and the world full of Kindness and Magic.
Why should you settle for crumbs,
When the Whole Banquet is calling your name!?

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With Love and Joy,