Gathering Together: 

How to be safe and empowered in the times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Part 2

reaching hands w dropshadow


My Beloved Friends,

Throughout history, times of great challenge pull out the greatness in the human spirit.

These are special times, perhaps a unique inflection point in our world process. What does it mean to call out the greatness within ourselves through all this?

How can we be grounded and exceptionally functional and wise in these times of crisis and uncertainty? What can we do to be safe and most empowered, and how can we be most in service to our fellow beings?

What are our lessons in this moment, individually and collectively? What can we do to be grounded and inspired agents of pure positive energy, rather than merely ungrounded disciples of fear and doom?

What is the most appropriate and caring way to step into our joy and creativity and aliveness in these times of fear and trepidation?

In addition to a healing meditation, this session offered guidance of what you can do to further boost your immune system, a dedicated time to clear any fears you are processing, and a space for questions.

This is a time to gather and be together online in love, brotherhood and sisterhood. This is a time, in particular, when human beings have enormous capacity to emotionally and spiritually nourish each other. This is vital to our individual and collective wellbeing. It is oxygen to the heart and the soul, and frees our creative aliveness in ways that empower us optimally to get through such times, stronger and more together than ever.

Please feel free to share these recordings with others whom you care about and wish to support in this moment… The recordings from both Part 1 and Part 2 are free, and all are welcome!!

Sharmada Foundation is offering this as a service to our world community at this time. Click below to access the recordings.

With Love… Patrick