Gathering Together: 

How to be safe and empowered in the times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Part 4

reaching hands w dropshadow


In this, Part 4 of our Coronavirus Series, in addition to a short meditation to stay centered and grounded and empowered amid the growing atmosphere of fear and trepidation, we addressed the following:

How can we find optimism and meaning and a greater purpose in these times of crisis?

How can we navigate in the most wise and practical manner through these moments of great change?  And what does it really mean to be in service at this time?

In the same way that times of great challenge can call out our greatness and our genius in new and unprecedented ways, what does it mean to create an empowering and beautiful future together in the midst of so much uncertainty, which is an altogether higher aspiration than simply hoping to return to the old normal?  

What do we want to leave behind forever in our old ways of organising human life and society? And what new soul lessons and personal learning can we harvest through this time that can open the way to an even better and more fulfilling life, individually and collectively?  

What can we give our focus and energy to that will sustain us optimally in the times ahead? What is our optimal compass bearing to get through all this most powerfully?

How can we embrace profound change in Love, Brave Joy, Fearless Faith, and togetherness?
And what does it mean to resist the pull of scarcity consciousness, and to live in real Abundance at this time, for oneself and others?


Sharmada Foundation is offering this as a service to our world community at this time.

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