“I don’t have time right now. I am too busy, too many important things going on.”

This is one of the ego’s favorite tactics to keep you off the Path. If your life is a direct living out of your karma, and you decide you are too busy to explore and release these patterns and beliefs, then you are making the choice for your life to not change. (You may not realize that this is what you are creating for yourself.) Somewhere you need to break the cycle. If you continue to be the same person, with the same beliefs and responses, then you will continue to manifest the exact same patterns and types of conditions in your life. It is certain.

The ego does not want you to be Free from its dominion over you. It can create any number of diversions to avoid growth. Often, this can be a cover for other stories it may have, such as “I can’t do it”, or fear of what you might discover if you were to explore more deeply within yourself. The ego thinks it can only afford to engage in this higher growth when it has taken care of all its pressing demands. Of course, if you are always under pressure or overwhelmed, that IS just your pattern, so it will never actually change by itself. The free time to consider ‘higher questions’ never actually arises. The ego doesn’t see that growth is the only way to profoundly alter your life conditions. The way to overcome this is to expose yourself to the higher vibration of Truth, to give time to observing yourself and releasing lower energies, to allow space for contemplation on higher Truth, no matter how much fear it brings up to take this time out of your demanding schedule. When you make space for this growth, AT WHATEVER COST, Grace will ensure that things actually do NOT fall apart around you, and you will see that the ego’s worst fears are always unfounded. Miraculous things begin to happen to you when you make a firm choice for the Path, in spite of fear. However, if your mind merely adds ‘time for growth’ to your already overwhelming TO DO List, then it will just become another stick to beat yourself with. In this case, when you fail to give yourself the time or focus to attuned to higher energy, you will feel guilty, tell yourself that you are letting yourself and others down, and now you will be stuck in guilt, which will make it even less likely for you to elevate yourself. Self-judgment only obscures the purity of your sincerity and inspiration, and serves no purpose. You learn instead to do the best you can.

Actually, by giving yourself this sacred time, which your ego says you cannot afford, you will raise yourself up. When you are in contact with a higher vibration, you will literally see things differently. What seemed like insurmountable problems will not be so overwhelming, and you will have insights about how to move easily beyond obstacles that previously seemed impossible. As you clear your energy, the circumstances themselves will change. It always works this way. As you align yourself with Truth, you will notice that it is not actually a question of time, but of motivation, intention. When your primary intention is to grow and be Free of your programming, you will be contemplating on it all the time, not just on a Monday evening or Friday morning. You will spontaneously FIND the time to contemplate, etc, no matter how busy your life is. You will learn how to stay attuned to the higher energy throughout each day, no matter what is going on. This is what elevates your consciousness.