Spiritual Life versus Practicality.

This is a continuation of (3), above. The ego is conditioned to believe that taking care of the most practical aspects of one’s daily life is one thing, and spirituality is another. This false separation does not exist in Reality, but is merely an invention of the mind. Life works the way it works. The integral Truth is the integral Truth. All beings and all things are subject to the subtle laws of the Universe. Freedom and practicality are not different spheres of life, or different pursuits.

In any life situation, if you are stuck in wanting to control people or the situation, you will feel out of control, and your resistance will influence things around you to move further away from you, and out of control. This is always true, all the time, for all beings, in all situations. Is this spiritual or is it practical? It is both. And of course it is beyond such labels. It is just how things really work. Wisdom is always like this. It is subtle and yet all pervading. Wherever and whenever your life is in harmony with it, all things will work for you. Wherever and whenever your life is out of sync with these eternal Truths, things will not work out for you. Is this spiritual or practical? In a business situation, you may find yourself wanting the approval of your boss, your peers, a customer, etc, and so in that moment, approval will move away from you. If you tell yourself “this is business”, and you don’t notice the energies within you, then you will struggle to find a ‘business solution’ to something which is much simpler. Instead, if you were to simply let go of wanting approval, and come back to the pure intention to serve those around you, things will work out. Are we speaking here about business, or spirituality? Wisdom and higher awareness are the most intensely practical thing there is. For every area of your life. Ignorance and illusion are entirely impractical, as they lead to resistance, suffering and powerlessness. Your level of consciousness pervades every sphere of your existence. Or, put another way, how you do anything, is how you do everything. You cannot separate your spiritual life, from your working life, from your personal life.

It is common for the ego to confuse Truth with religion, or with new age philosophy, which notoriously contain much distortion. By missing the essence of universal wisdom, these traditions give Truth a bad name. The mind likes to classify knowledge into subjects. Truth, on the other hand, cannot be classified. It is the one meta-subject that pervades and supercedes all other subjects. It deals with mastery of life itself, through bringing one’s entire being into harmony with the subtle laws of existence. To know the Truth is to become it. As you become it, you begin to understand all of life in all of its expressions. To not be interested in Truth is, in one sense, to continually miss the essence of Life. Ignorance leads to always taking actions and decisions, hoping for certain results, but always getting what you hadn’t anticipated or didn’t want to create. There are many millions of people in the world who live in hope that the future will be better than the past, but they don’t change themselves, so it rarely is for them. Ignorance of Truth is always impractical. Higher consciousness is the only practical way of mastering your life.