Gathering Together: 

How to be safe and empowered in the times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Part 6

reaching hands w dropshadow


Beloved brothers and sisters,


During these times of profound change and global crisis, it is more important than ever that we find the way to be grounded and centered in our wisdom, and aligned to the Creativity and Grace and Inspiration and Intelligence of Source.


Together we can create a new world, in a way that we cannot do by ourselves.


I invite you to join us for a healing meditation, and for a live conversation, including the following topics:


What does it really mean to be grounded in self-empowerment and inspiration during these poignant times?


How to manage the uncertainty we all feel, with greater mastery and in the spirit of Abundance and Brave Joy?


What does it mean to live with True Abundance in these times?


How can we optimally serve our fellow beings at this moment in the world process?


How can we be most aligned to the power of Grace?


Please feel free to share this with those whom you love and care about… All are welcome…


I look forward to being together again live in sacred community…and in our space of brotherhood and sisterhood.


With much love… Patrick


Sharmada Foundation is offering this as a service to our world community at this time.