“I can’t do it, its too hard, etc”

The ego says to you, “you can’t do this. You don’t understand this. You’ll never get it.” The ego likes the known. It clings to the familiar. It feels uncomfortable in a space where it is faced with ideas and concepts that are strange and new. It may even feel insecure or anxious listening to teachings which contradict the way you have been living all your life. Even though your erroneous beliefs about life are the very reason why your life is difficult or limited. The ego doesn’t grasp it all. This is normal, because the mind actually cannot grasp the higher subtle Truth. Wisdom is a property of awareness, not of mind. And actually it doesn’t matter if your mind doesn’t get it all. When you are open, many seeds of the integral eternal Truth are planted within your awareness, and when you are ready, they will sprout into your own wisdom and understanding. Your consciousness will be elevated just by being exposed to this vibration of Higher Truth. All you have to do is be open. That is how it works. It doesn’t actually matter if it all doesn’t make complete sense at the time. The teachings of Truth become food for contemplation, and provide a higher focal point for the mind to rest on than is normally available in ordinary life.

The key factor at work is the mind-to-mind transmission of the energy, which is the ancient method of teaching, and which does not rely on the student grasping every word or concept. The key that unlocks the door to Grace, is to be sincere, open and humble. We will say this many times, for emphasis. Every person who wants to be Free, is able to cleanse their karma and refashion their nature. This is true because Freedom is about uncovering the Truth already within you, not acquiring something new from outside. The full power of the Light and Truth already exist inside each person, so there is no-one who is unable to uncover it, if they sincerely want to be Free. It has nothing to do with age, background or intellectual facility. Indeed, intellectual development is often a barrier, as it can give the person the illusion of “I know.” As one great Master said, “knowing all about horses doesn’t make you a great rider.” This path is about becoming attuned to the vibration of Truth, and undoing one’s lower nature.

It is a game of unlearning. Engaging the heart is the key. Sincerity, openness, humility, self-honesty, perseverance, eagerness to learn and grow. These are the essentials. Absolute purity of intention – to become an instrument of God’s Love to all – this is the magic ingredient. This is what elicits a response from the subtle realm, which we call Grace, which then transforms your understanding and life.