“Spirituality is about becoming a better person.”

Many of us have been exposed to mainstream religion, or at least to a culture that is steeped in religion. Even if you didn’t go to mass every week, or your parents didn’t force you to go to confession, you may still notice that you grew up in a culture that thinks in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. This is the world of morality. From the point of view of morality, higher teachings are confused with the aim of ‘being a better person.’ The problem with the goal of being a better person, is it already implies a judgment of oneself as needing improvement, by some outside external standard of goodness. This is far from the realm of inspiration, the inner longing for growth, devotion to the ideal of God-Realization and Freedom. It has to be the heart’s free choice. To live as the Light and dedicate one’s life to the upliftment of others. It cannot be imposed from outside.

You become inspired to reach your potential, rather than telling yourself you really should do this or that, to be a better person. The energy of ‘SHOULD’ and trying to be a better person, has a heaviness to it. The free spirit in you will naturally need to rebel against any imposed authority, whether imposed from within or without. It will try to free itself from any SHOULD’s, HAVE TO’s, etc. If you tell yourself this path is about being a better person, you will never have the passion for growth. You will never become inspired. You will never fall in love with the Dharma and you will miss the joy of this magnificent journey. Growth will be relegated to being just another item on your TO DO list, as per (3), above.

In Truth, as many of you already are experiencing, real growth is a thrilling adventure. It is the most exciting thing there is. It is all about activating your own higher intuitive intelligence. It is an amazing discovery when you awaken capabilities that you didn’t know you had. The higher energies lie dormant within each of you, holding Infinite intelligence and capacities, waiting to be activated. You get inspired to become an expression of the highest Truth, for the benefit of all. The battle is only with your own lower nature and energies. So, the goal of this journey is not to become morally acceptable to other egos, but to refine your energy and awareness, to purify your vibration so that the highest Love can raidate through you, uplifting and healing you and everyone you come into contact with. As your energy becomes more refined, and your awareness grows, your presence will become more and more beneficial, healing and transformative for others. Your life becomes an offering, as you lift yourself up into the realm of inspiration and Grace.

Absolute purity of intention includes sincerity, humility, courage, self-honesty, and the deep motivation to serve the Divine manifestation and the highest good of all beings. The more pure your intention, the higher will be your vibration. With the cultivation of this inner purity, Grace guides your life and looks after everything for you. Inner purity of intention makes the Path rapid, and filled with joy. Great Blessings and seeming miracles rain upon you when the heart is totally sincere.