“Everything in moderation”

The ego has the tendency to mistakenly apply this seemingly wise adage to the Path. This often happens when loved ones see you immersing yourself in higher teachings, and they may become frustrated, not understanding why you have thrown yourself into the Path with such enthusiasm or passion. “Everything in moderation !”, they say, anxiously. “Not ANOTHER retreat !!! … You just DID one!!”

What does that mean, “everything in moderation” ? That may work when you are eating ice cream, or watching TV, but how about when you are growing and discovering how life really works? When you start a new business, do you work one day on, one day off, just to keep the spirit of moderation going? Of course not, that would be utterly foolish. If you want to become a great tennis player, or a great musician, do you practice every now and again, to achieve moderation? So then, how about when you are heal all negativity, refining your energy and removing all darkness and ignorance from your life? What is the value of moderation here? Moderation just means lack of understanding. Lack of clear intention. Not wanting anything with your whole being. (Your power to grow depends on your degree of focus. The Universe responds directly to the nature and concentration of your intention).

Let us imagine you are working on ridding yourself of the poison of anger once and for all in your life (which only keeps you stuck), should you take a break, and only allow yourself to get angry half the time? Should you apply your growing wisdom only some of the time, and only to some things? Is it practicing moderation to be emotionally reactive and unconsciously enslaved by your mind only half of the time? Would it help you to be more balanced if you were loving and giving only occasionally? Our lower energies, negative beliefs and tendencies die hard, so to free yourself from your conditioning takes great and sustained effort, not half-hearted ‘moderation’.

Indeed, how rapidly you go Free depends on the intensity of your efforts to live in the vibration of Truth, and to let go of your ego, to transcend your lower nature.