Blame and criticism rather than self-responsibility.

When a person is experiencing a great deal of dissatisfaction with themselves and their life, it is common to project this onto others as blame and criticism. This compulsive behavior is a poor attempt to deflect attention from one’s own misery. A person stuck in blame and criticism will tend to project these energies onto any person around them, which may include the Path itself, teachers, teachings, relatives, friends and strangers, even God. It is not uncommon to be angry with God for one’s life or past.

The difficulty with this position, is that it is a way of avoiding taking responsibility for you own life and feelings. It is a way of not doing the work on yourself. It is a distraction, a diversion, from actually looking within and letting go of your feelings and beliefs. If such a person were to just expose themselves to the vibration of Truth, whether via written teachings or a higher being who embodies these teachings, or even just through intense prayer, then Grace would begin to elevate their mind, and they would begin to find solutions to difficulties and situations that may have seemed hopeless before. Blame is the inner world of the victim. It leads to despair and hopelessness, as it reinforces the illusion that your life is this way because of other people or circumstances beyond your control. This total abdication of responsibility is a way of giving your power away, and leads to an enormous loss of energy. People stuck in blame are often tired, frustrated, angry, sick, hopeless and depressed. The moment you are courageous enough to take total responsibility for your life and feelings, that is when you have the power to change it all. You can take your power back at any moment.