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Beloved friends,

As we come to the close of this extraordinary year… this year full of challenges and change, you are invited to join me for a time of healing, togetherness, intention and prayer, to close the year with gratitude and grace, and to open the new one in the spirit of possibility and love.

The world is crying out for more love and healing than ever before, and for the gifts that we can only offer when we truly join our hearts and spread our collective light together.

For those of you who wish, here are some questions for you to contemplate:

Review of 2020:

– What challenged your spirit most deeply in 2020, and what soul learning can you harvest from this experience that may allow you to see this time as a stepping stone and a chance to embody more of your Light going forward? What understanding can you bring to this which opens the door for gratitude in your heart for this experience?

– What were the most beautiful blessings that came for you in 2020? What were the unexpected gifts of Grace in the last twelve months? List as many as you can think of, to give thanks for, and to feel how life is and has been supporting you.

Looking ahead to 2021:

– What are your intentions for 2021? In particular, not what you want to have or have happen, rather, how do you want to show up? What would you like to transform, open, heal or develop within yourself? In what ways would you like to expand and grow to become more alive, and to be able to shine more of your True Essence and Light in the world?

– What would you most like to ask the Guidance of Spirit to support you in at this time, at the beginning of this new year?

There will be time in silence and prayer together. There will be a short meditation, a guided time to support healing and integration of the learning of 2020, and time to set in motion powerful intentions for your life in 2021. 

Please join us to hold sacred space together, and to embrace the new year in the spirit of love and Grace.  And do feel free to share this link with others whom you love and care about.

With love and dedication… Patrick

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